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Abilify Side Effects Can be Very Serious

ABILIFY 10 MG TABLETAbilify side effects: An overview

The Abilify side effects can be relatively dangerous and need to be considered very seriously and discussed with your physician. You always need to make the judgment of whether to take this medication based upon your needs, benefits and risks, including the Abilify side effects. 

What are some of the Abilify side effects? 

While the Abilify side effects cannot be anticipated, if any develop or change in intensity you need to notify your doctor immediately.  Only your doctor can determine if it is safe to continue using this antipsychotic medication. 

Some of the Abilify effects may include: 

Anxiety, blurred vision, constipation, cough, headache, insomnia, light-headedness, nausea, rash, restlessness, runny nose, sleepiness, tremors, vomiting, weakness, weight gain 

Are there any other special warnings about this antipsychotic medication in addition to the Abilify side effects? 

In addition to the above Abilify side effects, it is important to consider the risk of tardive dyskinesia, which increases with the total amount of this medication that you have taken.  To reduce this risk, your physician will usually prescribe the lowest effective dosage and will not recommend long-term treatment unless absolutely necessary.  If you develop symptoms of tardive dyskinesia (involuntary muscular movement and/or twitching) you should talk to your doctor immediately, at which time your doctor may decide to discontinue use of this medication. 

In some rare cases, Abilify has been known to cause a potentially fatal condition referred to as neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS).  Symptoms include rapid heartbeat, rigid muscles, irregular pulse or blood pressure, high fever, excessive perspiration, altered mental status, and changes in heart rhythms.  If you develop any of these symptoms you need to contact your doctor immediately. 

Abilify as well as certain other antipsychotic drugs are sometimes associated with an increased risk of developing high blood sugar, which in some rare circumstances has led to coma or death.  You should see your doctor immediately if you develop signs of high blood sugar, including dry mouth, unusual thirst, increased urination, and tiredness.  If you have diabetes or a family history of diabetes you need to see your doctor immediately for blood sugar testing.  Also, you need to be aware that the oral solution contains 400 mg of sucrose and 200 mg of fructose per milliliter. 

Abilify also has a tendency make some people very tired, so you should be cautious when operating heavy equipment or doing activities which require optimum levels of alertness. 

Abilify side effects are also known to include dizziness or lightheadedness when standing abruptly, or may even lead to fainting.  You need to use Abilify with caution if you have ever had a heart or circulatory problem, taken medication for high blood pressure or have a tendency to become dehydrated. 

Some final Abilify side effects that need to be mentioned include a potential for triggering seizures in a very small number of patients, and can also interfere with the swallowing mechanism.  Risk of either of these problems is greater among the elderly.  If you have ever had a seizure, be sure to tell your doctor.  These types of medications have also known to cause the body to overheat, so, you'll need to be cautious in hot weather and when exercising strenuously, and be sure to get plenty of liquids. 

Information from The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs 

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate                                      

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