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   Accupril Medication: Best for High Blood Pressure? 

Brand Name: Accupril

Generic Name: Quinopril hydrochloride 

accupril medication 5 mgAccupril medication: Why is it prescribed

The accupril medication is used for the treatment of high blood pressure, and is usually taken alone or in combination with a thiazide type of water pill such as HydroDIURH.

The Accupril medication is from the family of medication known as "ACE inhibitors". This medication works by helping to prevent a chemical in your bloodstream called angiotensin I from converting into a form that is actually more potent that increases water and salt retention in your body.  It also increases the blood flow throughout your blood vessels and along with other drugs the Accupril medication is sometimes prescribed in the treatment of congestive heart failure. 

What are some important facts about the Accupril medication? 

You must take this high blood pressure medication consistently to be effective.  Since blood pressure is known to be reduced gradually, it may take several weeks before you begin to notice the full effects of this medication.  Also, you will need to continue accupril well after you begin feeling well.  The Accupril medication does not cure high blood pressure, but merely helps to 

How should you take this medication for high blood pressure? 

You may take the Accupril medication with or without meals. Alcohol may increase the effect of accupril and could cause fainting or dizziness.  You should always avoid alcoholic beverages until you have checked with your physician. 

You need to take this high blood pressure medication exactly as it is prescribed and visit your doctor regularly to make sure that it is working effectively without unnecessary side effects. You should never quit taking this medication without first consulting with your physician. 

If you miss a dose of the Accupril medication... 

You should take the forgotten dose as soon as you remember, although, if it's almost time for your next dose, you should skip the missed one and go back your regular routine schedule.  You should never try to play "catch up" by doubling the dose of this or most other medications. 

Storage instructions for accupril... 

Your Accupril medication can be stored room temperature and should be protected from the light.

Adapted from The PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs


Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate                                      

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