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 Dietary Supplements For Anti-Aging 

By: Scott Mckay 

dietary supplementsThe rate of aging varies from person to person. It is not the same for everybody. Aging is simply a natural phenomenon, which is going to affect everyone's body sooner or later. You can, however, slow down the rate of aging. There are two theories regarding aging. One is the sub-optimal hormone level of aging and the other is the oxygen reaction theory of aging. The former suggests that, as we grow older, some of the hormones in our body tend to decline, thereby, leading to aging.

The latter theory suggests that due to the oxidation reactions taking place in our body, aging occurs. Now that you understand the basics of aging, let us consider the options for combating the aging process. Eating foods that contain antioxidants is the basic approach to an anti aging diet. This approach helps us to avoid the poisonous oxidants that result from cell metabolism. Also, we prevent falling prey to diseases such as diabetes by following a healthy diet combined with exercise. Stress is also a major aging factor and it is therefore, very important in terms of anti aging, to learn how to deal with stress. Vitamins and herbs are also known as anti aging foods. Additionally, the hormonal levels in your body should be balanced in conjunction with the aforementioned anti aging recommendations.

Low body temperature and minimized weight gain in midlife can also facilitate the anti aging process. This anti aging measure can be accomplished by reducing your daily calorie intake in order to prevent high blood pressure. You should also factor in anti aging supplements that act as both a medicinal application as well as a food. There are numerous pill-form anti aging supplements that are available on the market.

It is, however, much better to follow a healthy diet than to rely solely on anti aging supplements. Anti aging supplements do prevent diseases and deterioration of cells in the human body but they don't always pack the additional punch that organic foods can supply. They are, however, known to prevent macular degeneration and other eye diseases. There are also phytochemicals that can also facilitate anti aging. Flavonoids and carotenoids are known phytochemicals that are found in fruits, colored vegetables, dark chocolate, red wine and green tea respectively.

There are also take anti aging supplements, which consist of alpha lipoic acid, vitamins C and E, etc... that are very effective. Another solution is to eat foods that have a mid to low range Glycemic Index rating. It has been said that anti aging promotes weight loss. Let us see how. Some believe that following a low calorie diet prevents aging. Therefore, if you are consuming low calories the chance that you will not fall prey to high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases is elevated. In conclusion it is recommended that you eat healthy and exercise daily to keep yourself fit. Eat low calorie foods and those that contain anti oxidants. Consider anti aging pills as the secondary option.


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