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 7 Exciting Tips to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

Author: Janet Martin

get rid of wrinklesGrowing old is a natural phenomenon. There is nothing you can do about it because every year your numerical age increases. However, looking old is an entirely different thing. There is something that can be done with wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging. And going under the knife is not the only solution for a
younger looking skin.

For more information on how to keep your youth and
prevent wrinkles, just keep on reading.

Avoid Too Much Exposure To Sunlight

A few minutes of exposure to the early morning sun is important because this is where you get a good dose of Vitamin D. However, overexposure to sunlight, especially during the midday, could jeopardize the health of your skin. According to dermatologists, the harmful rays of the sun are responsible for the break down of elastin and collagen in your skin. Thus, people who love to sunbathe for hours without protection are more prone to premature wrinkling of the skin. If you have to go out during the day, don't forget to wear protection, such as hats, sunglasses, and chemical-free sun block or sunscreen.

Stop Smoking

Did you know smoking cigarettes robs your skin of nutrients and oxygen? Since this habit is not really doing anything for your looks and health, it may be wise to ditch it now. According to experts, the mere act of smoking a stick can already produce vertical lines in the area on top of your upper lip and lines on the sides of your mouth.

Minimize Alcohol and Coffee Intake

Coffee is actually not bad for you because it contains antioxidants that can help repair cell damage. However, drinking too much of it can deprive your body and skin of much-needed nutrients and water, causing the formation of wrinkles. The same is true with alcohol. In fact, for some people, even a little amount of alcohol can already take its toll on the skin.

Eat A Rainbow Everyday

If you want to make sure that you get a daily dose of all the vitamins and minerals that you need everyday, think of the rainbow. Ensure that you eat fruits or vegetables that represent all the colors of the rainbow, such as red, orange, green, yellow and blue. Moreover, it would be best to eat raw natural foods because those that have been processed are usually low in nutrients that you need to keep your skin soft, smooth and line-free.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is essential not only in flushing out wastes and toxins out of your body, it is also important in making sure that your skin is hydrated and moisturized from within. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is advisable. Drink more during hot days or when you are exercising. However, be warned that too much water may also be bad for you.

Stop Using Soap For Your Face

Regular soap strips your face of moisture because soaps usually contain chemicals and ingredients that are not skin-friendly. If you want to maintain your beautiful skin, better invest in a mild facial wash or cleanser. There are many such products available in the market and you can surely find one that is suited to your needs and skin type.


Simply washing with a cleanser and water is not enough to minimize formation of wrinkles and fine lines. You need the help of moisturizers to ensure that your skin is hydrated. There are also different types of moisturizers in the market. If you already have wrinkles, it would be best to buy a moisturizer that is specifically designed to help you get rid of the lines and wrinkles on your face. One product that you can rely on to assist you in getting a line-free face is Dermaxin. Visit for more information.

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About the Author:

Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine.

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