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   Aldactazide Medication For High Blood Pressure 

Aldactazide medication overview: 

aldactazide medicationAldactazide medication is used for the treatment of high blood pressure or if you are in need of eliminating access fluid from your body.  Some of the conditions in which this may be the case include kidney disease, cirrhosis of the liver and congestive heart failure.  Aldactazide medication combines two diuretic drugs that should help your body to produce and eliminate more urine.  One the ingredients, spironolactone, will also help to reduce the potassium loss that may be caused by the hydrochlorothiazide element. 

What are some important things for me to know about Aldactazide medication? 

You must take the Aldactazide medication regularly for it to be effective if you have high blood pressure.  Blood pressure has a tendency to be reduced gradually and you may have to take it for several weeks before you notice the full benefits of this medicine.  Also, when you begin to feel better, you should continue taking it. Aldactazide helps to control high blood pressure but does not cure it in any way. 

What are some of the circumstances when Aldactazide medication should not be prescribed? 

This high blood pressure medicine should probably not be prescribed if you have acute kidney disease or liver failure, if you have had difficulty urinating or cannot urinate or have had high levels of potassium in your blood. 

If you have had any sensitivity to or have had any allergic reactions to spironolactone, hydrochlorothiazide or similar medications, or if you've found that you are sensitive to sulfa drugs, you should probably not take Aldactazide medication. You should always make sure that your doctor is very aware of any allergic reactions or sensitivities to this or similar medications. 

What if I am pregnant or breast-feeding? 

The effects of Aldactazide medication have not been studied adequately during pregnancy to ensure that it's safe to use.  If you're planning on becoming pregnant or are already pregnant, you should notify your physician immediately.  Aldactazide appears in breast milk and could possibly affect the nursing infant. If Aldactazide medication is essential to your health your doctor may ask you to discontinue breast-feeding until your treatment has concluded.

Adapted from The PDR Family Guide to Prescription Drugs


Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate                                      

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