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Breast Cancer Survival is Possible, Itís Up To You.

 By: Tony James


breast cancerBreast Cancer Survival is Possible, Itís Up To You.

Each year, approximately 200,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in nine American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Even though death rates have been dropping steadily since 1990, about 40,910 breast cancer deaths were expected in 2007.

Even though the numbers can be overwhelming, there are many who have survived this ordeal, and lived to tell their story of struggle and survival. Early detection and cancer treatment in the beginning stages of the disease is essential. Most women when diagnosed feel that their life has come to a screeching halt. In one doctors visit she is now a cancer patient, and her world has been totally destroyed with no means of hope. In reality cancer doesnít always mean the end of life, but it can mean the start of a new life, with substantial adjustments along the way.

One of the main adjustments that have to be made has nothing to do with medicines or treatments that will be given. The biggest battle that has to be faced is the battle field of the mind. Depending on different circumstances and stages of cancer, you can have a long and productive life. In some cases cancer free, so be positive! Say to your self "I can survive cancer" donít under estimate being optimistic; donít decide to give up before you even start. The key to this personal battle is breast cancer awareness. Remember the old saying ignorance is bliss? Ignorance in this case can be depressing, dangerous and fatal.

When I speak of those who are survivors itís not just the patient themselves. A survivor can also be family members who have loss someone special to cancer. I can speak from personal experience; my mother lost her battle with cancer on Sept. 10, 2008.

I canít not describe the pain, sorrow, and deep anguish my family and I felt when she passed away. I will always know that she would want all of us to continue with our lives, and encourage others to do the same. So by writing this article I guess I am following my motherís advice.

My mother was not aware of the symptoms of breast cancer, and if she had received cancer treatments earlier, things could have been different. Well as you know hind sight is always 20/20, and we can not change the pass. You can however protect your future by breast cancer prevention; don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Take time out of your busy schedule, see your doctor get examined, and have peace of mind. Life is a special and precious gift we have all received, don't take it for granted, do all you can to preserve it.

Stay Informed,  Tony James

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If you have a story of a cancer survivor, or a family member who have survived the lost of a love one, but still would like to encourage those who are still struggling, please post a comment then tell others about this blog. We all need each other in this critical time, letís spread the message of survival and awareness, one step at a time.

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