Frugal Living: Retiring Better for Less 

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the word frugal characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources. What do I mean by frugal living, retiring better for less?

When looking for Cheap Places to Retire, you can find affordable housing in charming and quaint neighborhoods; whether it is small college towns or large cities, this is the starting point to begin your retirement years.

Once you have selected your ideal place to retire, you can begin to engage in frugal living. Frugal and cheap are not mutually exclusive. Finding an affordable place to retire can then allow you to live frugally, so that you can comfortably enjoy your retirement years.

For example, you can retire to a large city such as New York and still find ways to limit expenses. With free live concerts in Central Park, the Farmers Market, museums, zoos, parks, botanical gardens, and a variety of recreational activities available, you can easily live comfortably in this great city.

Frugal does not necessarily mean cheap. Seniors have a wealth of opportunities available to them. Local libraries offer DVDs and CDS in every genre, flea markets, senior citizen centers that offer visits to various historical venues, and cultural attractions that offer a variety of discounts as well.

While New York is just an example, every city in the U.S. offers a retiree the same opportunities for frugal living. The package may be different, but the contents are still the same.

For those who live frugally in large cities, buying clothes at consignment or thrift shops; traveling during off-peak seasons; purchasing groceries in bulk; winterizing their home; and using energy efficient appliances are just some of the cost-effective methods utilized to save money. Thus, finding a cheap place to retire is the first step living frugally completes the circle.

In addition, there are retirees who have a specific interest either in education or recreation that may allow them to participate part-time. This additional revenue can easily supplement their pension but, more importantly, become involved in the community by offering their expertise in one area or another.

Whether they work on campus or set-up their own stand at a farmers market, there are innumerable choices for retirees to become fully integrated in any city or town they choose.

Thus, frugal living is the catalyst for finding cheap places to retire; whether it is a large metropolitan city or a small college town, the possibilities are endless. 

Bio: Charlotte Demontigny Web Master Ideal Places to Retire – Inexpensive to Exotic


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