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Improve Your Diet to Cure Arthritis

By Pauline Go 


There are numerous natural cures for arthritis that are extremely effective. But a healthy diet can go long way in repairing damage that is caused by wear and tear of joints, and most importantly it can help your bones from further deterioration. A natural diet containing generous doses of cold-pressed unsaturated oils can introduce into your joints what they need most -- natural lubrication from within.

There are specific diets like meals heavy in unsaturated fats and cholesterol that make a person even more susceptible to joint pains and swellings. On the other hand, foods rich in certain minerals and vitamins are one's best ally in preventing early signs of bone inflammation. Choose foods with high nutritional value and specifically containing vitamins K and E, which promote healthier bones. To alleviate inflammation a person should boost his or her intake of vitamins B12 and B6. Minerals like zinc and copper are not usually found in our daily meals plan; if possible, take health supplements that offer these specific nutrients.

Banana is one of the richest sources of potassium and sudden energy booster. It is a great food for people with arthritis. The specific arthritis fighting nutrients like folate and vitamin B6 is in right proportions in banana.

Green tea has recently come into limelight as super food for people with arthritis. Green tea is an effective anti-oxidant and has various other properties which will help in not only in curing arthritis but also other health related problems.

Sea food likes shrimps and cod liver oil contain the hard to get vitamin D. In fact, sea food contains more vitamin D than a cup of milk. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin B12, which keep you in good health and improve the health of your bones.

Certain foods like dairy products, caffeine, preservatives, salt and sugar can trigger arthritis. So be careful while including them in your diet.

About Author:
Pauline Go is an online leading expert in medical industry. She also offers top quality articles like :

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