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Home Security and Medical Alert System Integration Enables Independence For the Elderly

By Bruce Kelly 

Perhaps the most modern application available for use with a home security system is the ability to use system integration. This technology may help to protect the property and increase security of loved ones who are in danger of losing their independence.

Your extended family may include elderly members or those who deal with a physical or mental disability on a daily basis. It is understood that you may fear for their safety, while at the same time wishing them to stay or become independent.

Home security systems are now using system integration to completely automate safety measures as well as interior home features. This may include automatic light controls, thermostat adjustments, voice activation/deactivation, and strategically placed panic or medical emergency buttons throughout the home.

Ensuring your family member's safety provides you with peace of mind as well. Knowing that they are protected and will be able to warn authorities in the case of a break-in, fire or other emergency is always important.

Typically, an alarm system keypad will allow the homeowner to enter a specific security code to arm or disarm the home. They may also be installed at an appropriate height and location to allow virtually anyone to access them. However, use of a specific code will keep unwanted guests out.

Voice activation is also available for those who are unable to enter an access code physically. Special keys may also be made to use the system when coming home or going out.

Intercom applications and video cameras will allow your loved one to view and speak to all visitors before allowing them to enter. This will also give them the option to physically view their yards, perimeter of the property, or other rooms in the home.


Panic buttons placed by the bed and near usual resting places will allow the proper authorities to be dispatched to the home in the case of an emergency. This is especially useful for medical concerns or when they may hear or otherwise witness an attempted break-in.

Fire alarms are also wired to communicate with each other, which causes all sirens to engage when any room contains a fire. These are much unlike smoke detectors, which only sound off when smoke is detected in the same room as the device.

Unfortunately, elderly and disabled homeowners may experience a higher incidence of burglaries or vandalism. An integrated security system will help to reduce their dependence on others, as well as ensure their added safety.

Thermostat controls, entertainment controls, and automatic door locking features are also available to make any home a "smart house". Fully-automated options will also allow for timed lighting in or around any area of the home, preventing the need for manual light switches.

Virtually any disability or physical hindrance may be helped with the use of automated system integration options. Medical, fire and security emergencies are easily handled with the added help of newly designed technical features. Contact your local home security system provider to inquire how you can help your loved one retain their independence and remain as safe as possible.

ADT alarm systems are the leading home security systems in the U.S. Help protect your home and family today with a home alarm system from the number-one name in home security, ADT home security.

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