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Middle Age and Dawning Awareness Mini-Series:

Page #1: Entering Middle Age and a Dawning Awareness

Page #2: Middle-age: Relationships, Role Reversal and Ambition

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Middle-age: Relationships, Role Reversal and Ambition


Also See Page #1: Entering Middle Age and a Dawning Awareness

Middle-age and Relationships:

Parents who have primarily devoted their lives to raising children may find that once the parental imperative is over their relationship with their children may deteriorate to some degree. They may now have to face each other in various ways and work out some of the difficulties that have been lying dormant over the years. For others, this may be a time of great freedom in which they are now free from the daily parental routine, which now allows for opportunities to take on new interests independently or as a couple.

Entering middle age now means that a man or woman may be able to look forward to anywhere from 30 to 50 years of productive life after their children have reached adulthood, allowing them to put themselves first for once. Some may be relieved from the imperative of earning a significant living to raise children and  now be able to focus their energies pursuing personal development and obtaining what they really want from life.

Middle-aged parents may go through a post-parenting psychological shift that may include an increased androgyny. Men may become more dependent, openly sensual and more emotional. Some women become more assertive, less dependent and more ready to risk losing love.

Role Reversal in Middle-age:

Middle-age adults looking after elderly or infirm parents may feel some confusion over the reversal of roles. At one time, their parents may have been powerful beings but now may need significant help and assistance. The practical problems of now taking care of an ailing parent or relative may mean that this can also be a demanding period of time emotionally, physically and even financially.

Ambition in Middle-age:

Many individuals find that middle-age is a time of accommodation between long-term dreams and aspirations and the reality of their current circumstances. Many find that the chance of writing a bestseller, finding the perfect partner or launching their own company may begin to look less likely. Even for people who are extremely successful, it is rare for them to succeed to a point that it fulfills all of their early life fantasies. In addition, many women who are not in a steady relationship may also have to come to terms with the fact that their chance of motherhood is quickly slipping away.


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By Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate    Adapted from information from Health for Seniors - Amber Books Ltd.                                     

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