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Natural Cold Sore Relief – 3 Simple Steps to Cure Cold Sores Naturally

Author: Ricky Lim

cold sore relief naturallyCold sores are caused by a virus, and generally speaking this virus will remain in your body possibly for a life time, however there are cases where the virus completely disappears using a combination of natural cold sore relief and food supplements that increase your immune system. Curing cold sores can be done in 3 steps.

Step 1 – Watch the Outbreak

These cold sore blisters can break out virtually anytime. You should watch over it carefully, you don’t want the blister to break out since it can be painful and may leave a scar.

You want to avoid direct contact with outside air as it can trigger a break out at the wrong moment, making the cold sore spreads out even faster over all of your mouth. Using ice cube and apply it on the affected area every 15 minutes every hour can help ease the pain.

Step 2 – Prevent From Spreading Out

Because the cause of cold sore is a virus, once it breaks out it can spread very easily and can be extremely contagious. Wash the cold sore with alcohol and keep it dry, you don’t want to infect your child or friend right? Applying a tea bag to the infected area for 15 minutes also can help control the spread of the cold sore.

Step 3 – Use Natural Cold Sores Treatment

You can also apply natural cold sore relief to cure your sore completely, even though the virus will remain in your body after the medication, there are many cases where the virus is completely gone after the medication. Some of the best natural treatments are lemon balm, tea tree oil or a combination of tea tree oil, herbal sage, and violet.

Curing cold sore can be easily done in 3 steps. Step 1 is to watch the outbreak, step 2 is to prevent the cold sores from spreading out, and the last is to use natural treatment to cure the cold sores.

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