Psychological Evaluations for Disability in St. Louis, Missouri:

Psychological Evaluations for Disability in St. Louis, Missouri:

Psychological Evaluations for Disability in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri: An Overview

Psychological evaluations for disability in St. Charles, Missouri are provided by specially trained doctoral level psychologists which will assist individuals, attorneys and parties such as the Social Security Administration to determine the extent of work limitations eligibility for Social Security disability or Worker’s Compensation benefits. These psychological evaluations are conducted to assess such factors as the extent of emotional or psychological difficulty, memory impairment or difficulty learning by psychologists at Susic Psychological Consulting P.C. and Senior Care Psychological Consulting in the St. Charles, Missouri. The goal of the disability evaluation is to assess an individual’s ability to engage in substantial gainful employment and/or the fulfillment of activities of daily living. Individuals are assessed on a number of psychological factors including emotional stability, energy, cognitive impairment, psychosis and many others. These evaluations are necessary to determine if there are factors that contribute to the deterioration in an individual’s ability to engage in substantial gainful employment and successfully function in their lives.

Since the 1930’s, federal government programs have funded “income maintenance” programs to provide assistance to individuals who have developed some type of mental or physical disability or are unable to engage in substantial, gainful employment. These psychological evaluations for disability in St. Charles, Missouri have become an integral part of the determination process of whether disability is present resulting in an impairment, limiting an individual’s ability to work and function adequately.

Psychological Evaluations: Medical and Psychological Concerns:

Anxiety Disorders
Arthritis and joint damage
Back injuries
Bipolar Disorder
Congestive Heart Failure
Chronic Fatigue
Crohn’s Disease
Cystic Fibrosis
Hearing impairments
Hepatitis C Liver Disease
Ischemic Heart Disease
Lung disease
Multiple Sclerosis

What do these psychological evaluations for disability involve?

Disability evaluations look at a variety of psychological factors that may include but are not limited to emotional stability or mood, memory, energy, emotional liability, cognitive impairments or psychosis. These evaluations consider if any of these factors may contribute to deterioration in an individual’s ability to engage in substantial, gainful employment and overall functioning. They will consider whether an individual has a restriction of activities of daily living, or have difficulties in maintaining social functioning with others, and/or deficiencies in concentration and persistence which may result in the failure to complete work tasks or have a substantial negative impact in work situations, which may cause an individual to withdraw from these situations. If you experience these limitations in your ability to work and provide substantial employment for you and your loved ones, you should contact a disability attorney who may direct you through the disability process or contact Susic Psychological Consulting  P.C. (Senior Care Psychological Consulting) at (636) 300-9922 or email at for a psychological evaluation for disability.

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