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Senior Housing: What are the options in St. Louis, Missouri

Senior housing options in St. Louis, Missouri, follow pretty much the same definitions as senior housing available in other states throughout the United States. The physical and emotional needs of the individual establish the level of care required to help your loved one to maintain as high a level of
independent functioning as possible.  The most popular senior housing options usually include independent living facilities, assisted-living and residential care facilities, senior apartments and skilled nursing facilities.  Below is a brief description of the senior options available in the St. Louis, Missouri area, as well as links to those types of senior housing facilities:

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Senior Housing Apartment Buildings:

Senior housing apartments usually rent only to those over a certain age.  In many cases, the units have been equipped with amenities and provide some services to specifically benefit the elderly.

Senior Housing in Assisted Living Facilities:

Assisted living is more of a marketing term that actually refers to many different senior housing options.  However, it more frequently refers to a level of housing available for individuals who need to receive a minimum amount of services provided by the facility.  Assisted living facilities are becoming increasingly popular senior housing options, as they allow individuals the opportunity to remain at a relatively high level of independent functioning and receive some medication and meal services if needed.

Senior Housing- Residential Care Facility I (RCF I):

Residential care facilities provide 24-hour care, shelter and protective oversight which may include the storage and distribution of medications during a short-term illness or recuperation.

Senior Housing- Residential Care Facility II (RC F-II):

This senior housing option is available when an individual needs additional services, such as supervision of diets, assistance with personal care, housekeeping, social and recreational programs and care during a short-term illness or recuperation, and supervision of health care under the direction of a licensed physician.  This type of senior facility is designed for the semi-independent resident able to walk alone or with the help of a cane, walker or crutch.

Senior Housing-Intermediate Care Facility (ICF):

An ICF provides board, personal care and basic health and nursing care services under the daily supervision of a licensed nurse and under the direction of a licensed physician.  Residents usually need help with activities of daily living (ADL's), such as bathing, dressing, feeding, getting in and out of bed, walking, administering medications and injections or require dressing changes or catheter care.  Skilled nursing care might be required intermittently, rather than daily.  Medicare does not pay for intermediate care.

Senior Housing-Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF):

This senior housing option is available to individuals needing 24-hour nursing care and rehabilitation that meets federal regulations for Medicare and/or Medicaid.  Skilled nursing care and treatment is performed or supervised by a nurse under the direction of licensed physician/medical director.  Residents require 24-hour care/observation and nursing functions that require specialized judgment and skill.  All licensing/certification reports are available for public inspection.  Reports list any deficiencies or corrections needed.  Medicare will pay for services only while needed to restore the patient to previous or approved level of functioning. SNF and ICF are usually the two levels of care or senior housing options that most people refer to as nursing homes.

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