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Staying Young - the Japanese Way

 Page #2

Author: Jonna

See: Staying Young the Japanese Way Page#1

Foods to Stay Young

japaneseA Japanese diet is the amazing secret of the locals to stay young and become vigorous. Many nationalities even notice that Japanese women in their forties still look like they are in their twenties. Well, you may not need your anti-aging creams, just a discovery of the Japanese fountain of youth. 

The Meal           

The sticky, short-grained rice is the main carbohydrate food in Japan. But Japanese eat as much fish that are rich in fatty acids which provide a greater amount of calories for most.  Another main source of carbohydrates for the Japanese is the noodles, a quick, easy, and healthy snack.            

Consumption of brain foods like eggs and seaweeds is also great. Egg consumption in Japan, in the form of omelets, custards, and soups, is higher than in America (40lbs to 34 lbs). Seaweed used in soups and sushi provides a good amount of iodine that is very important for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, which is, in turn, vital for optimal brain function.           

The Japanese are also fond of eating magic potatoes which have natural anti-aging, life-enhancing components.            

Tofu is also a distinguishing feature in the Japanese diet. Tofu is one of the best sources of protein with anti-cancer and health-boosting benefits.           

Contrary to the usual belief, the Japanese have great consumption of milk. They even consume an average of 180 pounds per year.           

Fruits are the popular dessert in Japan. In general, Japanese people donít like sweet desserts.            

In addition, most Japanese shun fast, processed, and junk foods. 

Madonnaís Secret 

Aside from her active lifestyle, Madonna, who still looks young and hip in her 50ís, shared that she eats Japanese food most of the time. In fact, everywhere she goes, a Japanese chef is sure to cook healthy cuisine for her. 

So how can you obtain the kind of lifestyle like Madonna has, who can still look young and beautiful. She can demand and choose the food that makes her healthy. How about you, can you also do that? But how about if you donít have time and always in a hurry for work, stress and worried for money?

Article Source:

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate        

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