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Sleep and Health in Our Busy Lives

Sleep and Health: How much is enough? 

Sleep and health are never even questioned until a good eight hours becomes elusive. However, during sleep the body and the brain enter very different states from being awake, and is not simply a state of “switching off” for a few hours. When sleep is limited, the interaction between sleep and health can affect your health in a very significant way. 

Sleep and Health: An overview 

The interaction between sleep and health has probably changed significantly over the past couple of centuries. Prior to the advent of the electric light in the 19th century, records indicate that the average person may have slept over nine hours a night. In our modern society, the average person seems to sleep about seven hours a night, with some getting much less.
Sleep and Health: Can we get by without it? 

Medical science concludes that we cannot get by without sleep indefinitely, with 11 days being the record. While it has been agreed that sleep is essential to health, we’re still not sure why. Some scientists believe that the body essentially needs “down time” in order to build glucose reserves, or to exercise the neuronal circuits of the brain. Others have stated that the body simply needs to conserve energy, but in fact it seems that the body uses almost as many calories when it is asleep as when it is awake. While the precise need for sleep is uncertain, there is a continued recognition of the integral interaction between sleep and health.
Sleep and Health: Physiological changes
Sleep produces health changes in and through our physiological cycles. Sleep laboratories have found that growth hormone levels may reach a peak when people first fall asleep. This hormone is involved in cell repair, and maintaining the health of skin and muscle in adults. It is believed that another hormone testosterone is produced in the early sleep stages, which may help explain why sleep problems have been known to cause impotence in men. It is also believed that sleep assists us in processing memories. Researchers have found that it is harder for us to memorize complex information if we have not slept well. 

Sleep and health: How much do we really need?

Sleep and health is quite complex and opinion is still divided as to how much we really need. Some researchers have concluded that six or seven hours a night may be fine, although Stanley Coren, a Canadian psychologist believes that many in Western society are actually sleep deprived. He concluded that this may result in accidents and undermining an individual’s day-to-day efficiency. If you’re not sure if you’re getting enough sleep, you should experiment with an hour or two either more or less for about a week and seeing how you feel in order to know how it will affect your sleep and health over the long-term.

Information adapted from Reader’s Digest Making the Most of Your Brain

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist 

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Our Destiny Involves Each of Us Taking Responsibility for our Own Health

We have reached a stage in our development as human beings that we need to make some important decisions regarding our health and well-being. Maybe it is time that we take some of the focus on this constant development of technology and focus on our very own health.

Almost all of the activity in daily life has been removed, we have to do absolutely nothing to collect food, keep warm and have shelter. Our enemies are ones we have created ourselves such as cars on the roads and our chronic worldwide serious health problems that are on the verge on becoming epidemic. It is a fact that one out of every two people on this planet has a chronic disease or illness and many have multiple conditions. Two thirds of us are overweight or obese and others feel lousy, are tired, worn out and are mistaking living for merely existing.

Is the connection not apparent between these two factors – lack of activity and chronic disease? How could such an intelligent collection of people allow this to happen?

Children being born now are predicted to have a shortened life span of between 20-30 years. Shame on us for leaving them a legacy such as this.

Every one of us is touched by this, we all have people that we know around us becoming sick and dying before our very eyes (many long before their time) yet no one does anything about it.

The people in the “sickness treatment system” do not mention the fact that our bodies need a certain amount of physical activity to stay healthy and well as opposed to drugs and treatments after symptoms of sickness appear.

Our bodies are hardwired and programmed for hard physical activity to allow us to survive in the harshest of conditions. Our prehistoric genes do not know that the fridge in the next room is full of food and that we have cars to take us from A to B.
These genes do not know that we need to sit and do nothing for almost every waking moment each day.

You see it is only with intense vigorous activity that the necessary chemical reactions take place that tell every cell, tissue, organ and system in the human body to repair, rebuild and renew itself. Without this happening on a constant basis there is no way that we can stay healthy and well.

Is our financially driven “sickness system” behind this, is it that lots of sick people are needed to keep feeding this money sucking monster? This system has nothing to do with health and everything to do with sickness. A sickness-based system does not provide or promote health, statistics show the health of the global population has steadily declined since World War II.

The fitness/exercise industry is being flooded with sick, desperate people looking for solutions. Whose job is it to help people stay well? Incredibly powerful money motivated forces are preventing people from taking control of their own health by withholding the information and solutions to keep people healthy.

Who allows the pretty boxes of so called food in the supermarkets full of dirt cheap ingredients that offer little or nothing in the way of nutrition? This is actually encouraging people to gain weight and become unhealthier. These forces that control our food sources and “health” care are so powerful that nothing short of a revolution will be able to stop them and that is what must happen.

A much greater awareness must be created in each of us that recognize the importance of the environment, the quality of our food, and the quality of our health. This new way is called wellness and can be defined as living to the best of ones potential and is more than the absence of disease.

It involves taking personal responsibility for one’s health, taking positive steps to avoid disease and living a lifestyle that promotes health, strength, fitness, vigor, and energy. Wellness means practicing self care by the use of proper strength building exercise, eating well and taking care of your top life priorities, your health. Rather than living your life slowly going downhill, losing strength and energy until sickness finally catches up with you.

The emerging wellness industry is as much a reaction to the dictatorship of the sickness and the food industries as it is to every person’s desire for the freedom, good health and longevity that wellness can offer. Each one of practicing wellness is the next natural step forward in our destiny and in the advancement of mankind.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-medicine-articles/our-destiny-involves-each-of-us-taking-responsibilityfor-our-own-health-729491.html

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